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Sellr & Shoppr: ecommerce companion apps?

Sellr Mobile & Dashboard - Competing in the tech-driven retail landscape is a challenge. The Sellr Platform is a user-friendly technology solution that engages your shoppers online and in the aisle to drive traffic and sales. Using the Sellr mobile or desktop dashboard, beverage store owners can manage products and orders. Simply scan any product to connect the SKU to the database of over 50k beers, wines, and spirits carefully curated with high quality information and then choose to promote it on a variety of platforms:

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Interactive Signage - Engage your shoppers with automatic, high-quality content in your aisles.

Interactive Signage - Engage your shoppers with automatic, high-quality content in your aisles.

Digital Signage -

Digital Signage -

Website -

Website -


Brand Intro 

Oncue Technologies hired me to improve store owners experience with the product and to also create a user-friendly solution that engages their shoppers online and in the aisle to help drive traffic and sales. They had in place over 100 beverage store clients with tablets that display the top 50 products in the US from the Sellr Database curared with product name, description, and audio file. and all these tablets so they gave away for free. Database with 10,000 curated beverage products & 100 beverge store clients. All clients have 3 free tablets from Sellr that help their customers shop & a TV. They also have a deashboard web app they can see orders, ads, & stats and account information - profile, store profile, ytablets, services, payment. They have started making a Shoppr mobile app.

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where data lies - on tablets. IA & database structure: All information store owner has entered so far is directly tied to the tablet app - if we make any big changes to the tablet app right now, store owners would lose everything, so mostly focus on client websites, shoppr, & sellr dashboard improvements.


  • I was asked to improve the shioppers customer experience & the store owners.

  • Also to increase the number of stores on the sellr platform by making it easier to signup and get going.

  • finish shoppr mobile app, add a loyalty program & a way for shoppers to order online for more engagement - we want customers to return & reorder

  • improve tablets enough to help customers in the isle when store owners are busy

  • improve beverage stores online presence


  • Interviewed store owners, observed shoppers, stakeholder interviews, shopper surveys, comp analysis.


  • tablets are too hard to add products through, adding categories is confusing, no way to manage product price - they are up and walking around their store, not with their computer - and there aren’t enough workers in the store to answer customer questions Store Owner Interview - tablets are too hard to add products thorugh, adding categories is confusing, no way to manage product price - they are up and walking around their store - not with their computer

  • onboarding process

  • results from shopper survey

  • observe shoppers in store - dont notice tablets & if they do they walk away when the audio starts playing automatically

  • Beverage store’s info online (yelp/google) is incorrect & websites suck

  • Store owners need help with marketing! All their websites are bad (or non existant), info online (yelp/google) is incorrect, wants loyalty program, social medis services & a way for shoppers yo order online & needs an easier way to add products.

Current Audit

current audit, comp analysis, new onboarding?



    Store owners have to use these tablets to individually scan in every product in their store every single time a new shipment of it comes in. They almost all expressed how tiring it was for them to walk back and forth across the store to get the bottles and walk them over to the tablets.

    The other major pain point for store owners was the fact that despite the database being curated with high quality content, it wasn’t categorized at all. In fact, it was more confusing than just not being categorized. In order for a store owner to be able to add a product, they must first make a plan and assign the plan a color & a number; only then can they start adding products to the plans.

    During testing I learned that most customers in the store were just blindly walking by them not even realizing they are there most of the time. Whenever someone did stop to use it, I took note of quite a few people that immediately stopped and walked away as soon as the audio started playing.

    Explanation about why we couldn’t change the tablet app completely yet - the store owner data was reliant on the tablet system & store owners assigning each product to a category. It wasn’t originally built in a way that was editable, but OnCue didn’t want to spend the time just yet rebuilding the tablet app until we had a new backend. We decided that a new solution for store owners would be best and just a few small changes to the tablet app to improve customer experience for now.

Shoppr Background Color.jpg


shoppr, onboarding - sellr mobile, dashboard, CSV upload?


    Since we couldn’t fix the tablets at the time, the store owners still needed a better way to manage the products in their store. We need to add uploading a csv of their products on desktop, but most of the store owners keep their computer in their office upstairs or at the house. so it;s important that we have a mobile app they can use to scan in products and update them - to use smart phone for this work would fit best into their work flow.

    • - Sellr Mobile: [ app, 2.create store, 3.choose categories, 4.add products] 

      -orders, products, account, connected accounts,

  • - Shoppr: Sketches & prototype 

  • - Tablets: no autoplay, new HMC, new browse, & cocktails - new detail 

  • - Client Websites - sketching


  • - Sellr Mobile: want to see more info about how it’s working (stats?) 

  • - Tablets: still not drawing enough attantion

  • Client Websites: A/B Client website testing

Shoppr - testing current app wireframes. - learned that shoppers want to see a website / more info for the store - see orders as own tab, ability to favorite products, & reorder a past order

Set Pick Up Time.png
Shoppr Background Color.jpg

Client Websites 


Client websites - A/B testing

  • Client Websites - w/all info, featured products & all products



A/B testing

Product Page 2.png
Product Page 1.png
Product Page 2.png
Shoppr Background Color.png


themes? Our personal website?

  • - Sellr Mobile: scheduled content & audience?

  • - Shoppr: reorder past order, fav products, scan

  • - Tablets: themes

  • - Client Websites: w/ info & feautred products & all products


  • Shoppr - add reorder, scan, and favorite products

Sellr Store Manager

Onboarding / Store Creation - mobile or desktop?

Welcome 2.png
Onboarding 1.png

desktop - submitting a CSV


mobile - search/scan to add / edit products

  • pricing

  • Promoting? some to display on instore tablets, your website & on

Edit Promoted Product On Sale.png
Promotes Products.png
Edit Promoted Product.png
Shoppr Background Color.png

Tablet Improvements


Tablets - update a few stores tablets and observe.

  • tablets not drawing enough attention


Customer - Help Me Choose flow


Before - the help me choose process was a series of questions a user could answer to help them narrow down the selection of products to a reasonable number. The problem is that no one got far enough through the questions to see the results; ultimately being so unenjoyable it rendered the feature useless.


I redesigned the feature to bring up a paragraph with text to add options instead so it feels more like a conversation and less like an interrogation


Customer - Themes

After we removed the autoplay audio, added some additional information to the product detail pages we did more testing and it was clear that customers still weren’t noticing the tablets. We got in a few store owner requests for the tablets to have themes that go along with the holiday sales going on in the stores, so we started added them in, in hopes of bringing more attention to them while they not in use.


Shoppr Background Color.jpg


Icons, color, style guide,


(client) shoppr printouts, app store icons, app store screens, social media posts, print materials for store owner - shelf tags, counter signage, our website?


mobile dashboard, dashboard, shoppr

signup/join store (marketing & our website!), download sellr & add products, promote & put out signage, shoppers on shoppr see and order, tablets in store, shoppers come for pickup, event with enomatic?

Shoppr Background Color.jpg


  • 250k+ shoppers, 5m impressions, 5.6s dwell time, 400+ stores with tablets installed in USA & Canada.

Our launch party was at Atlanta Tech Village

Our launch party was at Atlanta Tech Village

See Sellr Mobile and Sellr Tablets on Product Hunt!

What our customers had to say:

"The Sellr Tablets are great for educating. They are great for the staff and great for the customer. It’s a win-win."

Carmen Wyatt - Good Times Wine, Spirits & Brew


LOCAL STORES WITH SELLR: Jax, Mac’s, Sweetwater, Taphouse, AtoZ, Liberty Beverage World.

Next Steps 

  • Full redesign of tablet app

  • build a desktop dashboard for store owners

  • Watch to see how shoppr does after launch


Shoppr Background Color.jpg