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ELeague: fantasy e-sports betting app


I worked as part of a team to design a mobile app for an Atlanta-based company. We prioritized and designed features that addressed users’ needs while satisfying the business requirements. I worked alongside Elle Chun and Cole Chandler and designed an app for E-League.

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ELeague is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league that began broadcasting in the Summer 2016 on TBS. The league features 24 teams from across the world competing in two 10-week seasons, annually, for $1,400,000 USD in prize money. The league broadcasts the tournament live on TBS on Friday nights and simultaneously online on Twitch.

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The Problem

E-League currently does not have a mobile platform. E-League wants to bring their content and their competition to mobile devices during both broadcasts and in between matches and seasons. Eleague wants to engage new users and get them excited about esports while also engaging casual counter strike players. 

Competitive Analysis

After looking at the current competition with apps like Fifa and Major League Gaming, it seemed that there was a serious gap in the market for creating fantasy teams for e-sports tournaments, being able to bet, and to find out more information about players in the tournament.

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User Research

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Our team determined a questionnaire to find out the most information about the target audience as possible. I posted the survey on social media and on gaming forums and interviewed any gamers/potential gamers I could find. The research showed that most of the target users would like to be able to stream directly from their mobile phones, see a leaderboard with standings for the current tournament, and were also interested in being able to gamble on the tournament.




“I recently heard about CS:GO and I would love to be able to follow the latest news on my phone.”

“I recently heard about CS:GO and I would love to be able to follow the latest news on my phone.”



“I mean, I love playing CS:GO, but I’d love to be able to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and player stats on-the-go.”

“I mean, I love playing CS:GO, but I’d love to be able to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and player stats on-the-go.”


Pain Points

  • difficult to follow stats on e-sports


  • live stats updates

  • live streaming on mobile


  • live map of players

  • chat with others also watching CS:GO live

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We started our research process by brainstorming ideas for each screen. We brainstormed some different ideas and combined them all together. Next, I refined our ideas based on the sketches and created annotates wireframes to communicate the functionality of the app.  We created a medium fidelity clickable prototype to test concept, functionality, and ease of use.

User Testing


Through testing, we learned that most users were not interested in finding people near them to play CS:GO with, but they were interested in building fantasy teams and being able to bet on the tournament. 

We also found that navigation menu was hard for users to find and use, so we opted to use that space for a home button instead. 

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8.1 User Testing.jpg
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From the feedback gathered during testing, we were able to make the necessary changes and finalize the site map and flow of the app.

ELeague - 9. sitemap.jpg
ELeague - 10. user flow.jpg

User Testing

Our team took a trip down to Turner in Midtown during the Last Chance Qualifier Match to get into the Finals to get feedback on our new designs. We made a few last tweaks and came up with our final design.

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ELeague - 11. user testing final.jpg
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Through the E-League CS:GO app, users can:

  1. Watch the tournament live from their mobile.
  2. Create fantasy teams and win money!*
  3. Quickly see the leaderboard of the tournament.
  4. Keep up-to-date with the latest e-sports news and much, much more..

*See the most popular feature in action >


If I had more time to work on this project I would have liked to design an iOS version, continue visual design, and incorporate Paypal and ApplePay as a easy payment options for users.

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Good job pinpointing gaps in the marketplace and possible new revenue sources for the client. I liked how you showed your process from sketching to visually designed prototype. Good job taking your user testing and implementing it into your design. Great job - I think you really came up with a creative solution that brings something new to the client. -Sarah
Excellent presentation. Loved the visuals. The user research was top tier. Everything looks great! The features were really thought out. Well done. -Treven
I loved the design choices that were made. Your research was reflected in your unique design. Everyone was confident during the presentation. The project seemed like an exciting one. Great Job! -Sabrina