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BevTv: ad network to simplify beverage store marketing


link to Sellr case study

BevTv is an ad network

Shoppr didn’t really take off for shoppers placing order ahead of time, but it did get them more interested in the store and return rates are up. prove it. Tablets get a lot more attention when the liquor brands are involved, need to be more customized. Enomtic for  wine tastings. New tablet app, enomatic, dashboard for store owners & dashboard for brands - ad manager. BEAM display - having Brand verified products/cocktails

Shoppr not getting a lot of traction, tablets still not effective, needs to be more customized, some stores have wine or whiskey tastings with enomatic machines.

Beam hired us to make them a tablet statiuon & we have started getting interest by other brand reps who want to be able to edit their product information & add custom cocktail recipes to the tablets.

- Also to increase the number of stores on the sellr platform by making it easier for new stores to signup and get going.

BevTv - Desktop - Account Manager Reports.jpg
New Tablet App - Home.jpg
BevTv 2.png
_BevTv Ad - The Independent Prosecco.png


Team design sprint, client website A/B testing, observe enomatic customers, BEAM tablet station - comp analysis Ad manager




enomatic machines, shoppr,


  • - Brand Dashboard: ad management: acct rep, acct mgr, store owner

  • - new tablet app: as as screensaver, new browse screen, content sketches, wireframes

  • - store owner desktop dashboard: website, products, scheduled content, audience, reports

Shoppr Sketches.png


testing in-house lab & instores & remote

In office testing lab for the tablets

In office testing lab for the tablets


  • - tablet: changed entire app. added text/email to self

  • -store owner: new onboarding - sitemap & userflow - billiing

BevTv Background Color.jpg

Enomatic Research 

intro about what wine tastings & doing user research to help make them better

Some of the stores had enomatic machines in them that would be used for wine tastings. I attended a wine night and observed  the main problems are that 

- no one knows what to do. each person gets 2 pours with each wine card. each enomatic station has 2 sides with 8 options a side. Users walk up to the machine, stick their card in and then PRESS AND RELEASE the pour spout - outher wise it spills all over them

Ideas - related tablet app 

- also putting into about the wines on the screen

Sellr Dashboard 


New onboarding / plans

BevTv Background Color.jpg



requirements for this - and comp analysis

for brands and store owners

Artboard 11.png
Account Manager - Ads for all stores.png

brand Ad Manager

acct ad manager

products / campaigns

new Tablets

finally time to redo the tablets - whole new app with new backend (link to sellr case study) We decided to display brand ads on the home screen when the tablets aren’t in use and to change the landing screen to have lots of information and products / recipes you can start browsing immediately. (as opposed to the 3 buttons from before) - browse screen with filters & search - product detail with related cocktails and vs.versa

Home copy.png
Recipe Detail copy.png
BevTv Background Color.jpg

 Enomatic machines

Enomatic .gif

customer FEEDBACK

Here is what some of our customers have said:

We like talking to our customers. We like being involved with our customers. It is not a substitute for our excellent customer service. But it is definitely a compliment. -Mac

BevTv Background Color.jpg


link to download on app store & android store

Sellr Demonstrating Beverage Marketing Technology at Atlanta Tech Village - read about it here!

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link to bev dynamics award article

First place in the "Best Multi-Case Floor Display" category at  Beverage Dynamics  magazine's Advertising and Promotion Awards.

First place in the "Best Multi-Case Floor Display" category at Beverage Dynamics magazine's Advertising and Promotion Awards.